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What I've been up to

Ah, I have been slacking on the blog but not on the reading. I have been reading a lot for school, and I don't know why, but whenever someone forces me to read something I immediatly lose all interest in reading it. No matter how cool the book is, I just don't want to read it. So I've been supplimenting my school reads with light and fluffy ones. So, for example, we have Native American history with a side of The End of the World. A little bit of East Asian history with a side of vampire. It works! Wastelands is an anthology of EOTW stories from some of my fave authors including Stephen King and Jonathon Lethem. Normally, I hate short stories as I hate to commit to a character and setting just to let them go in thirty pages, but anthologies like Wastelands are a great way to find new authors. Some of the stories were funny, most powerfully sad, and every single on of them was inventive. Each story was its own little universe, and they all take place at the end of the world…