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Making Ornaments for Christmas Presents!

My daughter and I found these awesome plastic ornaments at Walmart for .84 each. We grabbed three and both said (at the same time) Doctor Who ornaments! We needed one Doctor Who for the house, one for a gift, and the third we decided to make Minecraft themed.

I had a pile of useless Scrabble tiles laying around, so I printed a bunch of images in squares. To size them, I created a square in publisher the exact size of a tile and measured each image on the square before moving on to the next one.

 Then, I went on a glitter hunt. Warning! I found the perfect Minecraft green in a very fine glitter, but it turns out fine glitter is the last thing you want for an ornament like this. Seriously, the chunkier the better!
  The images were cut out and modge podged onto the Scrabble tiles. I made larger images and modge podged them onto the front of the ornament (I wanted them on the back of the ornament, but the plastic created some sort of warping effect that made the image look weird- so th…

Doctor Who Anniversary Party- All Ages Library Program

I just had to post about our Doctor Who Anniversary Party at the library. We made it all ages and this is one of those times when I really HATE our library's policy of not taking photos of participants without getting all of the forms signed (which more often than not is just impossible). So I have only shots of our food table and the "museum", but the real stars of the show were the families who came out to celebrate. Almost everyone was in costume. We even had a baby Tom Baker and a baby Matt Smith.
 I made the "fish sticks" and custard the night before. The custard was instant vanilla pudding and the fish sticks were sugar cookies rolled in brown sugar and cinnamon. An idea I stole from here.

We had "Weeping" Angel Food cake, bananas for the 9th doctor, and "jelly babies" for the 4th.

The jug on the table with the yellow and red lid was actually filled with water and human hand prop.
 We led our guests chill for 15 minutes. We played th…