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Review: Story of a Girl

Story of a Girl
By Sara Zarr
Borrowed from my library as an ebook for the Kindle Fire.

This is a little gem of realistic fiction!
 This book took me right back to high school! We all remember the school "slut" who supposedly did whatever with whomever. Honestly, I really like Deanna and I wanted to see her pull herself out of this situation. On top of a reputation that was destroyed, she is dealing with a troubled home life, and a confusing relationship as a third partner in a best friend relationship. What really kept me reading was the voice. I thought the story moved along at a good clip and there was a balance there of some good tossed in with all of the bad (like the salad bar at the pizza place). I liked Michael and Stacy. I am not sure I understood the dad, I think he came off as a "man's man"- one who was afraid to express any emotion but anger.
Overall, I look forward to reading more by Zarr!