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Where has the time gone?

Again, I have been slacking on the blog. Sorry. My only saving grace is that I keep a book journal, so my reads are getting logged that way. I started the book journal in 2001, and it is fun to look back and to see what I have read. It all started when I bought a book at Barnes and Noble only to come home and find that I had read it, in fact I owned it, but they had changed the cover on me. In the meantime, it has been all about school work here. I did squeeze in a trip to the Bahamas. Let me just say that Carnival cruises rock! As my budget is less than friendly, it was an affordable trip that was fantastic. The airfare to Miami actually cost us more than the cruise itself. My idea of heaven has always been a deck chair, some fresh air, and a book. Mission accomplished.
Just a heads up for those of you in the Mid-Atlantic region, the Philadelphia Book Festival is upon us. The only one I'm really excited about is Margot Livesy. Eva Moves the Furniture is one of my favorit…