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Fizz, Boom, Insanity (Summer 2014 Post One)

This summer has been gangbusters, and not just with an insane amount of programming but also with larger numbers of kids I have even seen before. I can only credit the large amount of outreach I did at all of the schools and local events prior to the start of summer.

In this first post, I'm going to show off my library a little bit.
In the meeting room, I have all of the upcoming events flyers. Originally this was going to read "These programs are IMMINENT:" but the Unassistant thought that was too pretentious, so I went with "Commence Countdown...."

I had the robot in the basement. He's actually my brother's. Long story short,  this was one of his childhood dream toys and I just kind of snagged the robot and put him to good use. He is an Emiglio. Check out the jazzy commercial below.

Next we have the Robot Creation Station. I stole this idea from somewhere. If I figure out where I grabbed it from, I'll come back and add the link. They are just c…