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13 in 13 Horror Challenge

That's not me in the picture, but I loved it and had to share. (It's from

13 in 13 Horror Challenge 

I was in the mood for a truly spooky read. Blame the cold fall nights, or the crunchy leaves on the sidewalks. Blame my weird taste, or just my mood. Whatev's. It's time to get the horror on. What I wasn't really prepared for was the complete lack of horror books out there. Seriously! Where are they? Good luck finding them in Barnes and Noble. They have reshelved the little they sell into general fiction or SciFi. I kid you not. What they have on offer is all old boy's school (King, King, Hill, King). 

So, I dedicate this challenge to the ladies of horror. I am also going to pound out some classics I have missed over the years. My major focus this year will be on HAUNTED HOUSES. 

I used this list and this list as well as this to formulate a general pile of titles to get going on. I'm not going to list them here in case I start something and drop i…