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My new obsession

I forget where I heard about it, but my new obsession is It's like MySpace for the literati. I figure it will take me close to forever to list all the books I have ever read. I'm also not a big reviewer, I keep a book journal and list a one-line description of the book I just read, just some clue to jog my memory. The journal was started when I came home from the bookstore with something I already owned (although, with a new cover, in my defence). I have to keep a blog for my History of TV class. I swear, it sucks the life out of blogging because I had to pigeon hole myself with a theme and stick with it. Books I can talk about forever, but to talk about children and TV over and over again is boring the hell out of me. And now I am boring you, so sorry!!
I'm on the fourth Charlaine Harris novel. It probably is not a good idea for me to read them all in a row like this, but they are such great train books. I think I could miss a page and still know wh…