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Year of the Vampire

I officially declare this year to be Year of the Vampire. Having evolved from last year ("Year of the Pie" see: Sweeney Todd, Pushing Daisies, Waitress, etc) from sweetness into darkness, we can only shudder and enjoy it. And enjoy the year of the bloodsucker as I am with the watching of True Blood on HBO, the reading of the Stephanie Meyer books, the Charlaine Harris books, and listening to Vampire Weekend on the, ur...weekend. I also just finished Thirsty which was quite delicious. With a brief side step, I devoured Zombie Blondes (I do think Brian James might be Kurt Cobain's lost twin) but in fairness the zombies acted more like vampires that could walk around in the daylight. More on this as the year progresses...until then, eat garlic.


Had this one been released in June, I think it would have been one of THE books of the summer. I could not put it down. The Good Thief reminded me of Treasure Island crossed with David Copperfield. Adventure, great characters and an enjoyable narrator made this story jump off the page. I felt ten years old again reading it.
Now, school has begun and I will have very little time to read for fun. Sigh... I had hoped to compete in the RIP challenge this year, but the History of Russia will prevent that. Hmm...I wonder if that counts as Gothic horror...
I have four History courses and one English this Fall, so I will be reading The House on Mango Street (again) and Toni Morrison's Paradise. Until December, I probably wont be able to fit in anything longer than a graphic novel (perfect for the train.) Those of you who can read for fun, keep me posted on what I will want to catch up on! There is a new Stephen King on the horizon, as well as a new Neil Gaiman. I have Dreams from my Father…