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First Readathon Wrap Up- It' s Pretty

I think my first readathon went very, very well. I'm not just thinking about what I read or how much I read but about the day in general. It was gorgeous weather, I had very few distractions, and I was able to stay on track with only two breaks. The first was to go food shopping (it had to be done, People!) and then second to attend an event at the local B&N where they were introducing new tabletop games. I only stayed for one round of Kodama, but it was soooo much fun.

The readathon was already a success because I didn't set a book limit or minimum page count restriction on myself. I had a stack to choose from and read what I wanted when I wanted to. All day! Success!

I think I also managed to post about 7 readathon themed posts on IG and this will be the 3rd blog post. There was also a donation made to Room to Read, and I honestly didn't know about  that until the last minute so I gave what I thought was fair. I'll be better prepared in October!

The Stuff I Finis…

With Both Feet: Readathon Hour 6-ish

I woke up at 7:55 this morning and JUMPED into the readathon. I have faced several setbacks such as trying to read before the morning coffee had kicked in (words? What are words?), a storm blew through last night that left debris all over my outdoor reading"lounge" and that all had to be cleaned, and my Kindle is currently on "gasping for life" battery-wise. I'm taking a break to recharge the device and myself mentally as I meditate mostly every day and I skipped it this morning.
So far I have finished 2 graphic novels, one novel, a short story, and am about 25% in on a Kij Johnson novella. After a break, and some lunch, I will get back up to speed.
That is my reading level check in but what I am REALLY accomplishing is spending a whole day reading! I have found my new favorite short story of 2017- The City Born Great by NK Jemisin.

Can I just take a minute here and say how grateful I am to live in a world (and a dimension) in which N.K. Jemisin not only exist…

Readathon Goals

This being my first readathon, I thought perhaps I should list my goals because I tend to forget what the big picture is. I can just imagine me  around 2pm on Saturday, running up and down my street sceaming "Read ALL the books!"

In order to keep things sane, I want to set some goals for myself. I began preparing by watching a lot of vloggers on Youtube lay out their TBR's. This was awesome because I realize now that the readathon is a lot looser in structure then I originally thought. For example, I see a lot of readers who are working on finishing a novel but stopping with a 100 pages or more to go with the goal of finishing during the Readathon. Okay! That works for me. The bad side effect of watching the videos is that I keep adding up more and more titles to my own TBR. Sigh.

The Goals
I can read as much or as little as I want. The point here, for me, is to actually enjoy a full 24 hours of doing what I love to do the most: read. Real life has to happen too. I alrea…

My First Readathon!

Read about the Readathon here.

I have actually never done one before and am super excited to use this as an opportunity to get my TBR stack down AND to use the patio furniture I just drug out of storage and hosed off.

Double win!

I had dedicated April to reading middle grade chapter books, and poetry BUT I started reading other things instead. I have to admit my library system does the WORST job of buying poetry, so I'm out of luck there unless I buy some and .......meh.

I'm going to throw together a nice stack to read. Oh, and I'm super excited about Fig and Thistle's Instagram Challenge! Here it is:
I'll be back with a TBR post later, also I will be all over IG with this.