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Still deciding what to read for the name far I have-

K-Keep Sweet by Greene (done)
R- The Red Tree by Kiernan (done)
I- Incarceron by Fisher (done)
S- Scorch Trials by Dashner (not until October)
T-The Tale of Halcyon Crane by Webb (done)
E-Eighty Four Charing Cross Road by Hanff (done)

I think I'm going for a re-read of Into the Forest for my last "I". It will be the third time I have read it in 10 years. I love to discover, again, why I loved it the first time. Sometimes, though, books do not hold up and I do not love them as much on a second read. That and time constraints keep me from re-reading more often.

I finished Horns and it was a little draggy. I think Hills skills improve every time I read him, but I didn't care for the main character. The story was more of a murder mystery with supernatural elements than a supernatural story with a secondary plot of a murder. It was still good, but I thought it was a little too much.
I found the Red Tree online …

Book Challenge

I just popped in on Andrea's blog to say hi, and she is involved in a bunch of cool challenges! I love the read your name challenge, so I signed up for that one. Hmmm... Books that start with K.....
Where I am going to find time for book challenges now that I've started grad school is beyond me. MaybeIcould sleep less. Last night I was up late starting the new Joe Hill, Horns. Too bad I don't have an H in my name.
Normally, I dislike writers who are the sons or daughters of famous writers, it makes me sick to think Bram Stoker's (great?) grandson has written a sequel to Dracula and is cashing in on it. At least come up with an original idea for crying out loud! But Joe Hill is an exception to my rant because even though he is the son of Stephen King, I fell in love with his short fiction before I knew who he was, and his work is totally original (yes, he writes horror, but his voice is distinctive and his imagination is incredible). Locke and Key is one of the BEST…

Snowed in and loving it

Here is how I spent my snowed in time: I read the Alchemist, played Super Mario Wii with the kids, went sledding twice, watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Zombieland, and cleaned. Woo-hoo! Who is for more snow? Me!
To save your snowed in time: Cloudy has a couple of Ha's in it, Zombieland is a waste of two hours (Woody H. is great, Bill Murray was a surprise, the annoying OCD lead guy is boring and for better action, I say pop Shaun of the Dead in and you will get more bang for your buck). The Alchemist was nothing like I expected it to be and I really enjoyed it. It is a fun adventure novel with a spiritual point.
Tonight I will tackle Moon. I am not a fan of Sam Rockwell, but here goes.

New Design

I just found a page design I love, love, love and I am excited about my blog again. Thank you so much Aqua Poppy Designs, you rock. As of right now, we are still snowed in and LOVING it. I hope tomorrow is another day of reading and watching movies. When else can I find the time to finally set all of the blogs in my favorites to pageflakes? Now I have everything I need all in one place. Wa-ha-ha! Maybe I will even get to that closet of doom upstairs in my room...
I have been feeling really unexcited about the whole Library School thing. I start March 29th and not one of the courses in the catalog sound even remotely interesting. Weeding class, for ten weeks????? Really? For HOW much a semester? I feel like I'm buying a used car I know is a lemon and the salesman is grinning at me knowingly.
But, I just read this book, and it made me feel that maybe I have chosen the right path: This Book is Overdue How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All. It was a funny and in depth lo…