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I just finished The Tale of Halcyon Crane by Wendy Webb and while it will probably not go down as a literature classic, I really enjoyed the spooky charm of the setting (both the isolated island and the "haunted" house. It is everyone's dream come true, a rich relative leaves you a couple of million and a giant house, but in this case poor Hallie's rich relative happened to be her mother-the same woman her father had told her died in a house fire many years before. In order to solve the mystery of why her level headed father removed her from a loving mother, Hallie stays on the island and digs for clues.
My only complaints about the novel are that it never occurs to Hallie to check out the local library for answers and that handsome, single men fall into her lap. I am not a romance fan, and I felt that some of the scenes with the could be boyfriend dragged a little tiny bit, but that was only because I suspected him of having something to do with the mystery.
I …