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The Rook- A Very Spoilery Review

The Rook by Daniel O'Malley
Read for the July (GIANT) list of picks for the She-Geeks Book Group
Overall Score (out of 5):  3

Let me start by saying- this is my kind of book and I don't know how I missed hearing about it before. I'm so glad the group picked this one for  July.

Here's what rocks about The Rook. The premise is genius. A secret agency of officers with titles and jobs based on a chess board (hence, our agent, The "Rook") who hunt down and hide the existence of supernatural creatures. Many of those who work for the agency has special powers, although some mundanes work for them too. Like a gang, once someone works for the agency they are in for life. There is no putting in your two weeks.

So, the idea is that Myfanwy Thomas (one of the Rooks) is a meek accountant in the agency who also has the power to manipulate people's bodies.  She should be dangerous, but instead she is in danger. 

When she wakes up, she is someone new and that new Myfanwy …