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Summer Bummer

While my very first summer reading program has finally ended (with terrible, terrible numbers), my own reading agenda was pretty darn successful!!! Now I am knee deep in my fall reading. Is there anything better than books and fall weather?

Well, yes. 

Books + fall weather + snuggly sweater + fresh coffee


A note about running my first summer reading program. It was not hard, it just required a ton of planning and the results were...very disappointing.

To give you an idea-it had nothing to do with the programming numbers. While I average 17 at a storytime during the rest of the year, I managed over 30 at most storytimes and programs and even had a storytime with 56 kids. I kid you not. My Minecraft programs were super successful. 

Unfortunately, none of that counts. What seems to matter is how many hours the kids read. And they just didn't. 

I'm not sure what I could have done differently (I even filled out the coupons for them!). I put books in everyone's hands. I had a loc…