Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Book Challenge

I just popped in on Andrea's blog to say hi, and she is involved in a bunch of cool challenges! I love the read your name challenge, so I signed up for that one. Hmmm... Books that start with K.....
Where I am going to find time for book challenges now that I've started grad school is beyond me. Maybe I could sleep less. Last night I was up late starting the new Joe Hill, Horns. Too bad I don't have an H in my name.
Normally, I dislike writers who are the sons or daughters of famous writers, it makes me sick to think Bram Stoker's (great?) grandson has written a sequel to Dracula and is cashing in on it. At least come up with an original idea for crying out loud! But Joe Hill is an exception to my rant because even though he is the son of Stephen King, I fell in love with his short fiction before I knew who he was, and his work is totally original (yes, he writes horror, but his voice is distinctive and his imagination is incredible). Locke and Key is one of the BEST graphic novels I have ever read. I still shudder when I think about it.


Andrea said...

Let us know what books you choose for the challenge!

I didn't know Stephen King had a son who's also an author! Crazy. :-) I have been wanting to read more of King's novels because the few I've read I really enjoyed. Now I'll have to check out some by Joe Hill too.