Saturday, December 7, 2013

Doctor Who Anniversary Party- All Ages Library Program

 I just had to post about our Doctor Who Anniversary Party at the library. We made it all ages and this is one of those times when I really HATE our library's policy of not taking photos of participants without getting all of the forms signed (which more often than not is just impossible). So I have only shots of our food table and the "museum", but the real stars of the show were the families who came out to celebrate. Almost everyone was in costume. We even had a baby Tom Baker and a baby Matt Smith.
 I made the "fish sticks" and custard the night before. The custard was instant vanilla pudding and the fish sticks were sugar cookies rolled in brown sugar and cinnamon. An idea I stole from here.

We had "Weeping" Angel Food cake, bananas for the 9th doctor, and "jelly babies" for the 4th.

The jug on the table with the yellow and red lid was actually filled with water and human hand prop.
 We led our guests chill for 15 minutes. We played the Doctor Who Pandora channel and ran this video on youtube in the background.

We let people play with the Guess Who game which I had "doctored" into a Doctor Who Guess Who. They also ood and ahhed over Lady Casandra. Mostly they just loved talking about their own costumes and the anniversary special.

Then I broke the room into three groups and we played: Doctor Who Catchphrase, Match the Companion to the Doctor, and Doctor Who trivia.
I have all of these in PP files (if you are planning your own event hit me and I will gladly send them your way).

 It was one of the fastest hours of my life!
We even ran a little over, because I insisted we have a fashion show at the end in which we lined up all of the guests who had come in costume and paraded them across the front of the room. A little Amy Pond stole the show, but my personal fave was a teen girl dressed as Ace.

My only disappointment in the entire process was the many, many requests I sent to BBC and publishers of Doctor Who books. I begged for bookmarks, posters....anything and I got zero support. And I started in August.

Seriously, this was one of our most surprising successes in a  long time. We were not expecting a crowd this big (especially as the weather was terrible), nor did we expect as many families. It was so nice to see.