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What I Do When I'm Not Reading

Yeah, well, what I do in the minutes I am not reading (all twenty-six of them) is watch Doctor Who, Torchwood, Lost, and Life On Mars. As I have seen everything but the new episodes, I can multi-task while they are on. When I am in school, I have very little free time, and it goes without saying that the kids always come first. Out of the time I have to myself, if I don't have homework to do, like now, I invent projects for myself to do. I love to craft, but I don't enjoy any kind of work where I am trapped in a chair (like knitting or cross stitch). As pretty as it is, it just makes me feel old to do it (despite listening to audio books while knitting). I figure I'll knit when I'm old-or in case the world ends and I need to knit my kids sweaters. It is a valuable skill. Speaking of skills, I regret not learning a musical instrument when I was younger, and I would like to remedy that. I am also unable to cook, but am blessed with a mother who can cook like a demon. The girls are learning from her, so hopefully, I will never have to burn a dinner again-so long as one of my children lives with me forever.

Back to my Doctor Who obsession: I remember being a little kid in a market place and some guy had a stall of Doctor Who merchandise-posters and the lot. The guy resembled the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons only with a much longer beard. I remember deciding that people who watched Doctor Who must be the biggest DORKS on the face of the planet. Flash forward twenty years and here I am watching Doctor Who and actually caring whether or not Captain Jack will become the Face of Boe in a million years or not. So I am Queen Dork, but in my defense, Doctor Who is actually much, much hotter than he was. The special effects are awesome, sans fishing wire and aluminum foil. And normal television is just so damn boring. So I rest my case. Be kind and wait until I pass by to whisper, "dork."


Ive started watching the DW confidential stuff, it's actually pretty interesting. And you get to see more of Tennant, always a good thing.
All my TB Doctor stuff got erased so I'm a little sad :( But I've started re-watching LoM so it helps to fill the void.
And knitting does not make you old as long as you can still wield the needles as weapons. I find that pointing the smaller pointy ones at the eyes (and other soft parts) of mockers silences them pretty quickly :)
Andrea said…
I edit my page using HTML instead of page elements in blogger. You're not an idiot! I was a computer geek in high school and learned HTML for fun (weird, I know). The code is < s >yourtexthere< /s > but don't put spaces in between the < & > won't let me publish the post with HTML tags. It's called a strikeout. Hopefully you can use it with page elements!

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