Monday, June 30, 2008

Ah, Good-Old Chuck

I was not going to read Snuff, honestly...I was not. Haunted so turned my stomach that I swore I would not read anymore of Chuck's work (stomach:intestines, bad pun, I'm sorry). But the man is a genius. I recommend Fight Club and Lullaby-my personal fave. In that lovely story, a real estate agent only sells haunted houses because she knows that whoever buys it will only be reselling it in a short time. So I'm sitting at work and the day-glo pink of the Snuff cover is just calling to me, and next thing I know, I'm a hundred pages in. I liked the story. I thought it was well done, but I hated the ending. The work I love the most by Mr. Palaniuk is his non-fiction. He can give quite the education. For example, he writes about life aboard a submarine and the existence of cauliflower ears. Good stuff. My TBR pile is sickening. I just brought home Ibid. A Novel in Footnotes (by Mark Dunn who did Ella Minnow Pea which I loved, loved, loved) and three others. I need a weekend, a hammock, and iced coffee.