Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Hopeless Romantic

I picked this one up at work. I am so guilty of judging books by their covers and this one has a very pretty cover. The overall story was cute, but it never really rises above cute. I could have used a little more meat to this story. On one level it was about the main character discovering what she wanted out of life, but Laura either hides her head in the sand or spends most of the book ignoring the issue. Oh, to date the gorgeous Marquis or not the Marquis, that was the question. I think I only liked it because it was British. Evans had more enjoyable secondary character, Mary's story would have been a better novel instead of being a story within the story. But, as it is summer, and I have sworn off heavy reading for a bit, it fit the bill. The major bonus was, at 531 pages, it brings me that much closer to completing the Chunkster Challenge.