Thursday, December 18, 2008


I just finished Gone, which was really interesting, when I noticed that it was 558 pages long. This means that I DID finish the Chunkster Challenge. It was four books over 450 pages. The only thing I did not do is stick to my original list of books. Oh, and I broke my own rule of no YA but everyone else did too! Did you see how many Breaking Dawns are on that list? I read that too, but didn't count it.
Anyway, Gone was really cool. The world ends in this way: everyone over the age of 15 is "gone" and several kids in the story have acquired special powers a la Heroes (lightning speed, shooting lasers out of one's hands, etc). The animals have mutated too. Talking coyotes anyone? I thought the pace was rather page turning and the characters pretty believable for 14 year olds stuck all alone. One manages to run a McDonalds all by himself, and I thought that was funny. I think this book would make a great movie.
So, wrapping up the Fall semester at school and I have to take a Winterim course. So I will not be getting a break. But it's all worth it to be done in May. Whoo-hoo! I do plan to get some reading done over the holidays and for my train ride too and fro school I have uploaded a couple of audio books to listen to. I have a pile of books at home right now.