Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We are all mad here...

Here are some pix from my Alice in Wonderland Tea Party! This craft was open to 4 to 9 year- olds and it was a blast. The decor was red, white, and black with tissue paper flowers and playing cards spread between the settings. I borrowed six teapots and the plates were red and the napkins were black.

I created a display of Alice books and served little cakes, brownie bites, and chocolate chip cookies. The teapots were filled with iced tea and lemonade. (We do apple juice all of the time and I thought they might need a break).

My mom made the petits fours and I thought they were amazing.

The program: I acted out the story of Alice in Wonderland, in costume, in under twelve minutes. I did this in stations and used props (a table with a bottle labelled "Drink me", a key, a box that said "Eat me", a fan, a small toy house, etc.) Then the kids designed their own Mad Hatter hats that I bought from Oriental Trading Company. Note: This is not something I usually do, most of my crafts are made from recycled materials. In retrospect, I would not buy these again as they were flimsy and I had to reinforce the brims with clear tape before the craft. They did end up being really cute.

We finished with two games: a throw (the Caterpillar's mushroom was the throw) and croquet with inflatable flamingos (Oriental trading company again) through "hoops" I made from old magazine holders that I covered in playing cards.
This is my first blog post concerning one of my crafts, I hope you liked it and I hope to post more. I am responsible for two crafts a month at my library and they are my favorite part of my job.
Due to policy, I cannot post pictures of the children who attend my craft. In this case I took photos before the craft, and I will try to continue to do that. In that way, I can remember what the room looked like before as opposed to how it looks a glittery, google-eyed bomb went off.


mousee23 said...

This is wonderful.I'm sure the kids had a blast