Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mockingjay Launch Party

Today was our glorious Mockinjay Party! The Teen Book Club and I celebrated the release of this season's MOST anticipated book with


Here's what we did:

We had an icebreaker of creating new Hunger Games names for ourselves, an idea I borrowed from the foreverya blog. See it here.

Then we picked September's title: Lord of the Flies

Then we ate:

bread and berries of course (well, we went soft pretzels for bread and strawberries and blueberries for berries)

Then I set up three stations, borrowing heavily from the post here which led me to my trivia question center, the poison berry identification center, and then I set up the Wii and had them play sword fight Showdown (in which one swings and "kills" a bunch of people who are attacking you) on Wii Resort.
Finally, we played the excellent Cornucopia Challenge. The lucky winner took home a copy of the book (a side note: I stopped at Sam's at 8am this morning and they did not have the book out, then I tried Walmart, and finally I went to Target and found an employee who was willing to dig through boxes to find the book for me-Thank you Target Guy, you were wonderful).

For room decoration I created posters that read "Enter a tribute and leave a victor!" and "May the Odds be Ever in your Favor". I set up a table of read a-likes (using the YALSA list). They went like crazy.
Also, and I know people will cry over this, but the copies of Mockingjay came in yesterday. Since the first twenty on the list were reserved for me (well, and my teen group), I had library copies of the books to hand to each kid today. Everyone also got a pin that I made, see above. I have a badge-a-minit on my Xmas list. And, just for fun, I threw in my decorated water canteen that I made for myself, because why would I hand the people at Hot Topic twenty bucks for something I can make myself for a dollar? (Water bottle-dollar store, designs printed from work, modge podge -on hand).

And, I finished the book. I took mine home last night and plowed through it. I will not be reviewing it for at least a month. No, don't twist my arm! I am respecting Ms. Collins' wishes. You will not get a peek out of me.

I know no one will be reading this because they are reading Mockingjay,but I hope these ideas help if anyone has a similar program.
Now, to start brainstorming craft ideas for Lord of the Flies......


librarianism said...

So fun!! You'll definitely need a conch shell for your Lord of the Flies party. In high school, my teacher had us visualize and then illustrate a map of the island. That was fun.