Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Craft Chaos!!!

My big craft for August was a Boardwalk theme. My teen volunteers created a 'boardwalk" out of brown paper, we had tables with games similar to the ones down the shore, and I built a giant sandbox (called "the beach") where kids created sandcastles.

Looking at these photo makes me realize how much my digital camera stinks.

The kids were each given one token when they came in and after they lost that in the game of chance, they had to come to me to earn more.

I tortured them for awhile with:

Hop on one foot for ten seconds

Touch your toes with your nose

Sing the Barney song

Say "I love chocolate, chocky chocky chocky chocolate"


Some kids came back to earn tokens even after they one because they were enjoying the challenges so much. Funny!

Because fundage was low (isn't it always?) everything had to be made by hand. No problemo.

We had a snack area complete with a cafe for folks to sit down and enjoy their soft pretzels, popcorn, and lemonade.

I made some of the prizes-giant balloon octupi with posterboard tentacles. The stuffed animals are from donations of Beanie creatures to the library.

For the sandbox, I rolled newpaper into thick rolls and then taped them around the edge of two tables pushed together. Then I draped a plastic tablecloth over the entire table and then taped that to the underside- bam! a sandbox table.
I am so glad this summer is almost over, our wrap up parties are this week. I feel like I am ready for a nap. Back to school could not come fast enough for me.