Monday, August 16, 2010

Witchy Wands

When the girls and I were at the Bookery picking up Clementine, and ordering a bunch of other books I cannot wait to get my paws on, I saw Noelle had these for sale in her store. Considering they were just twigs and bits and bobs (and what crafter does not have tons of bits and bobs laying around?), G and I decided to make our own witchy wands.

We used twigs (found at our local playground), scraps of fabric, yarn, charms, and mardi gras beads. I am still getting used to the new camera, and it is a bit fuzzy, but the pink one is my steampunk inspired wand (with corset lacing). G used an old button and the gold paint pen to paint a "G" on one of hers. We had a lot of fun with this.

I cannot use it at the library (witchy things are "frowned" upon), but what a fun way to spend an afternoon!
I added my goodreads shelf if anyone is interested. It's a lot easier than listing all of the titles I have read so far this year! I noticed that I am reading about 85% YA books, 10% steampunk, and 5% other.
Also, I am convinced that the "Currently reading" shelf on Goodreads is cursed, as everything I list there I suddenly lose interest in and never finish. I'm not going to update that anymore.
For my Mockingjay Launch Party at the library, I having serious issues of what to serve food-wise. Any suggestions? I am stuck on bread and berries. I know they ate whatever they wanted on the train and on the tour, but the real stars of the series (food-wise) are bread and berries.
Do soft pretzels count as bread? Should I serve strawberries? Blueberries?
The things I think about at ten at night....