Monday, October 25, 2010

Reviews in Haiku

The end of the world
Is filled with scrappers and class war
Nothing new here, alas
Stories like this lead
to empathy in a messy world
ending sweet, I cried

Thrill a minute, Mars
Escapist novel fun fun
Can't wait for sequel

I have been a reading fool. Last week I completed some books that are nominated for the National Book Award, some for the Contempts challenge, and some just because. I also hosted an awesome Halloween Craft at the library for a great group of kids.

I read One Witch by Leuck , performed my very first shadow play (I created a theater from a box and then cut out my puppets and backgrounds.) I chose a story from Short and Shivery and put my theater in front of a gooseneck lamp and let the puppets do the work. Except for the room not being completely dark (sunlight creaked through the blinds) I thought it went well.

Check out this site for info about the shadow box, and free Billy Goats Gruff puppets. I found it to be very helpful.

We made shifty-eyed portraits, which I promise to do a tutorial on later this week. It is cheap, easy, and fun.
By the way, I am buying a copy of this for every librarian and bookworm I know, because they will get it. I mean really GET it.