Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rot and Ruin Review

I have a new favorite series. Picture a world that ended when everyone who had ever died now walks again-and wants to eat your brains. Life, or what passes for life, is lived tucked behind a fence. The outside has become like a new Wild West with bounty hunters and no rules. Maberry's new novel is wonderful. The main character, Bennie, comes of age in a world none of us would choose to live in, and Bennie must figure out what he will do to make a place for himself in a world that has shrunk to an impossibly small size. On top of that, Bennie must live up to the public's opinion of his older brother, who has quite the reputation as an unbeatable bounty hunter.
Alternatlty funny and terrifying, Rot and Ruin did exactly what I thought the Passage would do for the zombie genre-make it meaningful. Where the Passage failed, Rot and Ruin is on the mark on many levels. I read this in one sitting, and am hoping for a sequel. Highly recommended for Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, and Joe Hill fans. This is a higher end horror novel that will not disappoint.
Start your zombie trading card collection now.