Monday, October 25, 2010

Two recommendations

Before I forget to mention this. Run, don't walk, to the bookstore to get this book. It is one of the best damn things I've read all year. I did not expect to love it, but I could not put the darn thing down and stayed up last night finishing it. This novel is great.
Here is why it is great. First, it reminds me of the movie Brick. It goes beyond clever. It is smart with a capital S. It is a page turner, reluctant readers will be entranced. Kyle is an everyman, everyone can relate to him which is good because the book is told in 2nd person ("You walk into a room, you cannot stand the sound of your mother's voice). I have seen this done before, but never successfully. Usually, this kind of narration sounds like a choose your own adventure novel. Not here. It works! It works so well you will be sucked into the story and forget you are not Kyle.
Finally, the villian, Zack, is so complex he makes Moriarty look like like Papa Smurf. Why does this kid do what he does? We don't know, and it is killing us. Zack is like Kurt from Glee meets the devil. He's a bastard, and not one "you" will soon forget. I want a sequel. I want one now. I want to know about Zack's life pre-Kyle. Please?
Oh, and on topic, even though I rarely watch TV, and even more rarely recommend anything on the idiot box, I must admit I am a Masterpiece Theater addict. Usually, it is just Masterpiece Classic but last night I watched the new Sherlock Holmes and IT ROCKS!!!
Set in modern London, Sherlock is a financially independent genius who solves mysteries as a hobby. Watson is a vet of the Afghanistan War, and so cute. So, so cute. This is the smartest thing I've seen on TV in a long time. Trust me, this will blow your mind. Check out the preview and don't miss it next Sunday.

So many to choose from, but my fave quote: "I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research"