Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving! Things I am thankful for: my family, my job, great books, fresh coffee, and the great blogs I read everyday. Thank you bloggers for all of your hard work. Some people read the newspaper everyday, I read blogs. It's a beautiful thing.

When I was a kid, I imagined my self presenting in court (of course I was going to be a lawyer) wearing my jet pack and stylish anti-gravity boots in my silver mylar tunic dress. The future did not quite work out like that, but instead opened a world of people who love to read as much as I do (and for someone who is lacking that in real life, it is a blessing.) In addition, I am in the one place in town where I can run into the next generation of serious readers. I find them there and let them know: they are not alone. So three cheers to all of us who love a good book! I will raise a turkey leg in our honor later on today.

Speaking of people who love books, we are looking at a great crop of newbies who have written some really great books. I know I can't wait to get my hands on them, as my Goodreads TBR shelf shows.

Badass Bookie (Ha! Love that name!!) is hosting giveaways in December that promise to be very exciting-at least to me, the broke grad school student who is already sweating how she is going to pay for all of the titles she HAS to read in 2011.

So check out The Debutante's Ball and throw your name in the ring. What a great way to read about some of the books we are going to read for the Debut Author's Challenge anyway!

Thanks Badass, I am thankful for you.