Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Book Blog Resolutions

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1. Blog at least twice a week.

2. Join IMM over at Story Siren.

3. Post more program/craft ideas (can you believe I have summer planned already?) This was the main reason I started this blog. Think of how much more we can do with the sharing of ideas instead of thinking up two new fresh programs on our own each month.

4. Host some giveaways.

5. Go to BEA.

6. Read 85 books. (I know this is low, but with Grad. school, I have to go easy on myself).
7. In an effort to remain in contact with the great people I have met while blogging, I promise not to lurk, but to post comments on some of the blogs I visit everyday. You cannot imagine how many mornings I sit here with my coffee, reading and nodding my head to whatever I'm reading-as if the blogger can tell I'm agreeing with him or her. I must admit, I don't always comment because I am lazy. On one blog, who shall remain nameless, I have to comment and then load the page like nine times until I finally get the security word thing, and then reload two more times before it takes it.
8. I realize I have a Twitter addiction. I am not going to fight it.

Best to you and yours in 2011! I think it is going to be the best year for YA fiction, EVER!!!
My money is Angels this year (as opposed to zombies in 2010 and vampires in 2009), and, as long as it is not the year of faeries, I will be okay.


Michelle said...

Trying to figure out a way for me to go to BEA. Its kinda expensive... Ugh..

javajump said...

I know. I am still trying to sort out housing...if I can find something affordable, I will let you know right away. I really want to stay in the city and not travel back and forth each day.

Zelda said...

Great blog, came across it through another. I see that you are in grad school me too!! We have a few of the same resolutions including the reading books one. I used to read so much but with college I cant seem to find enough leisure reading time!