Saturday, December 18, 2010

Best of 2010

Best of 2010: "Best Books I Read in 2010"

I love lists. I have them all over the house. I leave them behind when I go to the store.
However, this year's list took me forever. It led to arguments, crossing titles out, penciling them back in.... As of right now, I've read 106 books, but I have a few weeks to go until the end of 2010. I am pretty confident that I am not going to stumble on anything world-shaking, so I made the list now.

Usually I get the books down to five, but this year I can't. Let me say two things: This was the year of the zombie. I have never read so many zombie and zombie related stories in one year before.

Two, this year adult fiction sucked. I know they rolled out with titles from the same-old authors and did not take too many chances with new writers and I think it led to a really sad year. I am not surprised to see a rise in YA titles being checked out by adults at my library.
So, you can watch the video above for a more thrilling list, or continue to read on for titles. Either way, I'd love to know what books made your Best of 2010 list. Let's compare:

10. This Book is Overdue by Johnson (every librarian needs this book). It's hilarious.

9. The Replacement by Yovanoff- this book was really different, and I HATE fairy books. This one was so great, it changed my mind.

8. Soulless, Blameless, Changeless by Carriger (Yes, I know I'm cheating picking three books, but they are all from the same series and each one is as great as the other. How could I choose? Just read the whole series. It's great. I promise.)

7.Rot and Ruin by Maberry. I must have read 20 zombie related books this year, and this one is the BEST. Benny and Tom are great characters. I can't wait for the next one.

6. The Grimm Legacy by Shulman I read this one in an afternoon, at work. I can't stop thinking about how creative it was. I hope it becomes a series.

5. Room- A Novel by Donoghue. This is the one book the entire staff of my library read, and we are all still talking about it. It's one of those ones you have to read just to keep up with the conversations, but it is a great read.

4.Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: Mysterious Howling by Wood. I actually read this twice, wrote a paper on it, and listened to it in the car. I love this book. It's filling the void in me Lemony Snicket left behind.

3.Dark Life by Falls. This was THE summer book for me. I recommended it to tons of people and had many conversations about it. I read it while floating in the pool.

2. You by Benoit. This one came out of left field and smacked me. Why is it not winning a million awards???? So real. It felt like it was happening in front of me.

1. Boneshaker by Priest. I read this one twice as well, it was the first book I read this year, and again in June. Incredible is not enough to describe it. I LOVED it.

Just missed the top ten:
It's Kind of a Funny Story by Vizzini
The Duff by Keplinger


Andi said...

Great list! I'm especially fond of Marilyn Johnson's book and did an interview with her a couple of months ago for my blog.

Haven't gotten to read Room yet, but it's on my ever-growing list!

Mad Scientist said...

Yeah, I'm not sure what happened with the Sparks thing either. This year is the first time I read one of his books. I guess I wasn't expecting much but I really did love The Last Song. The notebook not so much. Movie is way way better :P Yeah, that is a first. LOL!

Mad Scientist