Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Secret Santa is Really Secret

How nice is it to read my email and find out that not only had I won the lottery in the UK, I can rent my textbooks online, that my Secret Santa had sent me an egiftcard to my favorite online retailer.

What!!!! How great is that!!!!!

Thank you very much, Secret Santa. I know exactly which books I will be buying with that gift card. You have made my 2011 very special.

However, because you are anonymous, I will now send out my thanks and love to the entire internet by putting my forehead to the monitor.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!
Did you feel my love?


Andi said...

Yayyyy! I am your Secret Santa-- Andi from I am the one that didn't plan well enough to send you a physical gift. Do forgive me while you're enjoying those e-books. :DDD

I've enjoyed your blog immensely and will continue to follow for sure!

MRB said...

Awesome gift! :)
Also - I thought the contest would be fun. A little traffic for my blog. :)