Friday, December 3, 2010

Off we go...

Just mailed off my presents to my Santee!!! Hee hee!!! I did it today as I will be way too busy on Monday. I did screw up though, I meant to put my business card in the box, and forgot (I got distracted tearing through the house looking for packing tape). Well, at least she will know my first name and the state I'm from. Hopefully, she'll post that she got it and I can leave a comment that it is from me, textnjava.
Something has been on my mind all day. I read the Ten Truths about blogging this morning (from the gang over at Stacked-but I got there through Abbythelibrarian who I read everyday.
It is a list of truths about blogging and I know I've only been doing this for two years, but what are people stealing? Their reviews? Their ideas? I'm confused.
If I post something, I hope someone uses it (especially craft ideas).
For my reviews, I hope people are not cutting and pasting them into their own reviews, but I expect a fair amount of sharing of opinions. I expect some people to feel the same way I did about a book.
Also, I write for myself. If no one read this, I'd still post, because I can't stop myself. I love books and when I love a particular book I will talk about it-I do the same thing online that I do in the library. I talk about books there-so much so that I imagine some people would wish I would stop. I can't. It's about putting the right book in the right reader's hands.