Monday, December 13, 2010

Review: Past Midnight by Purnhagen

What a nice surprise this book was. I picked up the sequel from netgalley, and lucked out when the library had the first one. I am crazy busy this holiday season, but I managed to get this one read because it is a sweet, short read. Here's the goodreads link.

Charlotte Silver is the daughter of paranormal "dis-provers" (my word). Think Ghost Hunters who debunk locations that claim to be haunted. On the deepest level, this is a family story. On the surface it is not one, but TWO ghost stories. Charlotte just wants to be normal, but the dead have decided to communicate with her-whether she is listening or not.

This is also a new girl at school story, a coming of age tale, and I know this sounds way heavier than it actually is. Past Midnight is a great beach read (or standing in line to buy holiday presents read). I loved Charlotte's voice. I thought she was really realistic and down to earth. She handles some of the ghost incidents way more calmly than I would have, but she is used to it. I wish we would have had some more insight into some of the minor characters, but I get that this is going to be a series so I imagine that these things will develep over time.

I'm looking forward to the sequel now! As soon as I finish the small stack I'm working on right now, I will start it.

Expect one more review this week, and I will post this weekend the crafts/games from Thursday's Holiday Family Fun Night at the library.

Also, a note, my Book Blogger Holiday Swap Santee loved her gifts-and that makes me so happy! The best part of the swap is meeting some new bloggy friends.


MRB said...

I requested the second one from netgalley! I'll have to get this one. Sounds good! :)