Friday, January 14, 2011

Across the Universe is a Frexing Good Time

Across the Universe by Beth Revis
Out 1-11-11
Goodreads link here

I had such high hopes for this book and it does not disappoint. ATU is very enjoyable. The real star of the novel is not Amy, who is okay or Elder (who is wonderful) but the world that they live in. First, the world is a ship-one that is racing across the universe to a new planet. I found myself getting more and more uncomfortable as the story evolved, and I am not usually claustrophobic. They (the inhabitants of the Godspeed) are truly cut off from EVERYONE. No calling Houston with problems, that's for sure.
And there are some major problems in this world! So much of the story is layered-secrets piled on secrets. Some of them are shocking, others you can kind of see for yourself, and the pages just could not turn fast enough.
This is an excellent read and I could not believe it was a debut novel. Revis has chops.

I have two teeny tiny issues. Really, they are minuscule, but I have to mention them. One, the book features a large amount of sex. It is not between the main characters and the sex is there for a reason, but it is like a death knell for me using this book with my Teen Book Club. Sorry. Violence-okay, Language-getting squeamish, but sex is a no-go. Oh, well, we'll have to pick another title.

Second, Amy. I like Amy. I don't love Amy. I realize this is a series and I am just hoping that Amy grows and grows. I hope she grows up. She's seventeen and still calls her father "Daddy" all of the time. Granted, she has just been through a traumatic experience, so I am being very forgiving here, but my concern for the future is that Amy needs to put the teddy bear down, grow some, and become the co-leader Elder needs her to be. I want Amy to be Essential and not Non-Essential any longer.
So, now the countdown begins for the sequel. I need one of those star date things they have on Star Trek.


Michelle said...

This is getting read as soon as I finish Awakened and Future Imperfect (and only because that is from a book tour and I have to send it out).

Michelle said...

No, I didn't see it. I just grabbed a few. Wither being the main one. lol I'll have to go back and look. What is Warped? I'm not sure about Future Imperfect. I've tried starting it and I'm "eh" about it. We will see.

Michelle said...

A week. Sometimes it sucks.