Saturday, January 8, 2011

Quick Share!

Okay, so I only subscribe to Family Circle magazine because I get it for free, but I admit to loving the human interest stories....anyway, I just opened my mailbox and found this inside:

First, Across the Universe is a reader's pick! Imagine all of the mother/daughter book connections that will be made over this. Or for people like me who are a little older than YA but not yet, you know, moldy oldy, think of how many will see this!
Second, my mag came with a free sheet (and it is poster-sized) of wrapping paper designed by Eric Carle for a charity. How cool is that? If you are like me and know a million youth services librarians, this will come in handy. Or wrap a book as a gift for your favorite kid (or child at heart). Or just use it as a poster. I love this!
I just had to share!
Now, back to school work (only 27 more articles to read!). Sigh.
As soon as my work is caught up, I plan to 1. share with you the first award I have ever won as a blogger (squee!) and 2. whip up my first ever IMM post.