Saturday, February 12, 2011

Awesome Author Signing!!!

I just came back from meeting Cynthia Leitich Smith! She was in my local Barnes and Noble, and I hightailed it over to meet her (and to pick up a copy of Blessed). Cynthia is one of those people who it is a genuine joy to be around, she had us laughing and "performed" some of Tantalize for the crowd.
There was much love all around!! This is why I go to author signings. First, how great is it to hear a book being read by the person who wrote it. Second, I have never met an author I didn't like, but it is so great to put a face to the prose. Plus we usually get some sort of background on the creation process that I find interesting. Cynthia is awesome. Check out her website-several members of the audience seem to know her already because she is super great about communicating with her fans.
Now, I'm only halfway through Eternal but I really like it (I wanted to have the first two read before the signing, but it didn't happen).
Three more great things:
1. Everyone who went left with this cool dry erase/magnetic board that looks like a menu from Sanguini's.
2. I won a giveaway of all of Cynthia's books.
3. I promise to share the love. From now on, anytime I know of ANY YA author who will be in town (which for me is the Philly/South Jersey area) I will share it here and on twitter).

In the pictures: the dry erase board, my pile of winnings, and Cynthia (I am the one in glasses).
Stay tuned tomorrow to see why this event is (possibly) good news for you too!


Christi said...

Congrats on the fantastic author event! So, I see that not oonly do we share a name and a coffee addiction, but we're also located in somewhat the same vicinity, as well! I always seem to just stumble on local author events--I either just miss them, or they're somewhere in NY (which is *just* a little too far for me to go), or I find out about them too late, and already have (unbreakable) plans. Do you have any tips for finding out about them earlier? Or, I can just pay close attention to your blog, as you've promised to let us know about them LOL

Christi the Teen Librarian