Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just have to share....Show and Tell

I won an Across the Universe water bottle by making an ass of myself on facebook. So many people have come up to me at work and church and said "Kristie, what is up with you and the water bottles?" Well, it was hard earned, but I love it. Thank you Beth and Razorbill!!!!

The mail came today and I have won some awesome swag and the book Kiss It from Melissa over at YA Bookshelf. Thank you so much! I love autographed bookmarks. I am such a dork, I ran out and bought an album to put them in (blame Beth Revis, the first one in my collection was from her). You don't want to use them! They are autographed! Am I a crazed fan? Probably. The book is signed as well. I am a big fan of Melissa's blog, I check it daily. Right now she is doing a great series on book trailers. Very cool.

Mom made these great Cake Pops (cakepops?) that are shaped like footballs for the Super Bowl. I had to share, they are so cute!! There is a Cake Pops book out there, and I may just have to grab it for her for Mother's Day.

Dystopian readers rejoice!!! It is another Dystopian Feb. over at Presenting Lenore (I love when she does this, usually August and February). Lenore offers up new stuff and features classics so we should be able to stack those TBR piles right back up to the ceiling.

Check it out here!