Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review: Choker by Woods

Choker by Elizabeth Woods
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3/5 Stars

Quick recap: Cara is having some major issues at school: She is being bullied by the in-crowd, has a crush on a guy out of her league, and she feels friendless and alone.
Enter her best childhood friend, Zoe, who has resurfaced after doing something bad. Cara agrees to hide Zoe in her room in the hopes that they can reform the close friendship they enjoyed as kids.

Spoiler Free Review:

Choker is a good first novel. The pacing is page turning, the plot is interesting, and there are some genuine shivery moments. My only issues are with the characters. They are highly undeveloped, and that leads to a disconnect for the reader. If you are not invested in anyone, then the story just plays out without emotional attachment.
Large chunks of time are not reported. Something had to have happened in between events.
Cara is unlikeable-she barely speaks to anyone, and as a friend she sucks. If a friend of mine showed up in my room, I would want to know what happened.
Ethan is complex, but we never really get to know him. Zoe is empty of personality, except for physical description, and because I am staying spoiler free that is all I can expound on that.
I just wanted some more meat to the story. A little bit of exploration of friendships (especially when the rest of the world is not treating you very nicely) would have been keen.
Overall, Choker is a short, shivery read.