Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: Outside In by Snyder

First, let me just say that I have loved Maria V. Snyder since Poison Study and always look forward to a new title from her. That said, I liked (not loved) Inside Out. It was better than okay, but not great. I liked Trella, but the best part of the book was the surprise ending which I did not see coming.

CAUTION: You will see the word "love" many times in this review.
Outside In by Maria V. Snyder
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4.5/5 Stars

Here is the second book in the series. It will be published on March 1, 2011. I loved this book. Maybe because the first book was a lot of set up, and now that we are all on the same page this book felt like the adventure really began. I read this in one night! It's so action packed, I could not stop reading. I feel like Trella really grew up in this story. I only hope there is more.

I think the character I have most grown to love is Dr. Lamont. I loved her, hated her, despised her, and then loved her again. I felt Trella's pain on that end.

This book is a little, er, sexier than the last (there is alway sex in the Poison Study books and the Opal stories and I know older teens read them). I was just kind of surprised to see it here. There is some heavy petting and then some more briefly in the end. Was it necessary? It really never is, in my book. I get that the characters love each other without going in that direction, but that is me.

Overall, a great read, and I hope there will at least be one more! But what on Earth would it be called? We had Inside Out, Outside about Upside Down or Around and Around?


Lynn said...

I must agree - I love all the Maria Snyder books - I haven't read Outside In yet (clearly as it's now yet out) but I definitely will do.