Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine's Day Fun

Program: Valentine's Day
Ages: 5-12
Ah, Valentine's Day, how I dislike you. Yes, the crafts are cute, but if you love somebody-tell them everyday. So, now that my party-pooper true self has left the building, see what we made at my V-Day craft yesterday!!
As I have no idea what gorillas or frogs have with love, I chose Robot valentines to recreate into awsome name badges. We began by reading Unloveable by Dan Yaccarino (which I love because it is about loving yourself for who you really are, not what the cat thinks about you).
Then we made boxes to look like ourselves (and to store valentines in) and then I put out tables spread with goodies like colored paper, wooden cut outs, buttons, stencils, doilies, etc and the kids made valentines (good old fashioned ones).
For a giveaway, I made Valentine's Day bark, which I found here.
My version had pretzels, m&ms, white chocolate, and heart sprinkles (white, pink and black).
The bag labels came from a free printable I found here.
What would I do without free printables? I'd die. That's what.
The Valentine's Day box was featured in the current issue of Pack O'Fun magazine, something else I cannot live without. Tip: the directions want you to cover the cereal boxes with paper, and I did my sample like that but it took forever. For the boxes for the kids, I just painted them a shade of cream (two coats). Much easier, and markers and crayons worked great on the paint.