Saturday, March 5, 2011

Author Alert!!!!

If you remember, I actually read this one three time last year. The first time for myself, then on audio for the kids and I (a car trip), and then I wrote a paper on it for school. I love this book so much.
So, my girl Maryrose Wood will be in Princeton at Barnes and Noble on March 11 @ 7pm. I have mapquested this and figure it's gonna take me about a half an hour. Here are the details.

If you run into the chick in glasses clutching her copy of The Hidden Gallery to her chest like an infant, yeah, that's me.

It is my goal to post any and all author events I can find in the NJ/PA/DE area. I will only report on YA and Middle Grade authors. If you know of an event and I don't have it posted, send me an email.