Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review: Peach Keeper by Allen

See, I read adult books too. Well, some. Well, a couple.

Here's one.

I finished this morning while looking out the window like a lost puppy waiting for the UPS angel who will drop off the new Mortal Instruments book today.

Review: I love Allen's books, they go down like iced coffee on a hot day. I LOVE Alice Hoffman, and Allen is like Alice Hoffman Jr (or AH lite). Both write stories about women that have pinches of everyday magic. If you believe the sky goes white just before big changes happen, or that a con man can smell like peaches, then this is your book.

Now, I am not a romance fan, and this story is loaded with a double romance (blech!) but there is enough of a tale here to allow me to overlook the mush and really enjoy the story.

There is nothing too deep here, and of course everyone is just gorgeous, but it is a great Spring read-light and airy.

Also, coffeeology? I'm onboard. I wonder what my cream and an Equal says about me? Rachel? Care to chime in?

One more thing: I updated my Goodreads challenge from 85 for the year to 111 because I am already at 33. Now, if I can read 33 books by April, work full time, go to grad school, and raise a family, then people who "do not have time to read" are lying.

Okay, back to staring out the window for the brown truck....