Saturday, July 2, 2011

Circle Nine- A very confused review

Circle 9 by Anne Heltzel
Published by Candlewick
September 13, 2011
Source: NG
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars
Challenge: Netgalley July

Have you ever found yourself reading a book and you wish you could find someone else, right now, who is reading the same book? This was like that for me. Stuff happened in this book and I looked up and went "What?!?" This is a book that requires a reading buddy.

I was kind of mesmorized by this novel. I just could not put it down. But, I am left kind of empty. Is this the story of Abby and Sam (an unhealthy relationship)? Or is this the story of Addison, and the effects of trauma on us? I am a bit confused. Heltzel has this talent for making the pages turn fast, fast, fast. I was glued to the story, especially when Abby sees her world one way, then blinks and catches a glimpse of "reality". I finished the story more than a little confused, was this a re-telling of a fairy tale? Which one? And how did Abby's mind trick her for so long? I need to find a shrink and get more information. And Amanda (all of these "A" names!)-what was the point? To cause a rift? A reading buddy and I could have bounced ideas between us until this made sense.
It was a good pool read, and I was glad to spend time with this story. I will remember Heltzel's name, because this woman can write. I can't wait to see what she does next.