Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mini Review: Teeth

Teeth: Vampire Tales
Edited by Datlow and Windling
Out: Now
Review copy: library
Stars: 3 out of 5

This will be a mini-review because I am just so glad it's done and I am not going to comment on every story.

It took me months to read this (no, really, I started in May!). First, I hate short stories. Really, why should I invest twelve pages to enjoy a character just to never see them again? Urg. That said this collection has some gems in it. It also had some duds, and that was why I had to keep putting the book down. I finally finished the last "dud" today.
I know when I start noting how many pages a story is...the collection is over for me.

The best story in this collection, IMHO, is Flying by Delia Sherman. I also enjoyed Vampire Weather by Garth Nix.

Overall: if you are in the mood for vampire lit, then go for it. If you are over the fangers, as I suspect I am, let it go.