Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Summer Crafts!

Cruise Into Crafts!
For my 6-12 year olds I hosted Cruise Into Crafts in which we boarded a "cruise ship" called the SS Librartania and went to sea. On deck, we had a phantom boat story (not too scary) and stations of fun.

The ship went down the East Coast to South America, so Station One was a craft of molas. We made ours from construction paper. I think they look all 3-D and cool.
Station Two, the kids made "Find Its" from empty creamer bottles (the clear ones) and colored rice. I searched for doodads all around the library for days beforehand, and we had more than enough shells, buttons, tiny toys, and wooden pieces to hide in there. Really cute!

Station Three was Limbo. We had trophies for the winner of each group.

Station Four was shuffleboard. The TBC painted a shuffleboard on paper for me, I glued two of those smaller cheap Frisbees together (with some glass marbles inside for weight) and made "pushers" from gift wrap tubes and paper plates.

Station Five was food! Check out Bruce!!
He was the big hit of the whole day. I carved him the night before, and found the idea on Pintrest. The kids ate watermelon and drank iced tea or lemonade with umbrella straws.

This was so much fun, and required a staff of four. So worth it.