Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reading, reading, reading

Just an update, I am still here, but I am on a crazy readathon (self-induced). As I had never read anything by Ellen Hopkins, and as she is coming to NJ in September AND as I have an ARC of Triangles (her first adult novel) I felt I better get on the Hopkins train.
So far, I have devoured Burned and Crank. Whoa. I think Burned was one of the BEST things I have read in ages, although I still don't get the ending. Well, not the ending, but the final, final bit. So I made one up on my own.
Also, I am cleaning up, reloading, and plowing through some Netgalley reads for the challenge over at Red House Books.
So work, read, eat while reading, sleep, and then read some more. In short, summer Heaven.