Thursday, August 18, 2011

Comical- Me reading comics

It's funny, I love graphic novels but I have never taken to comics. They are just so different.
Maybe it is because I grew up reading Archie, and let's face it....Archie is lame. Maybe it is because I am not a superhero lover.
I want to go to Comic Con next year, so I figured I better get
myself an 'edu-ca-tion.

I started at BEA, and hit all of the Comic-related tables. Here was my opener: "I know nothing about comic books, I hate superheroes, I love manga, whatcha got?"
I left BEA with piles of comics.

I have been slowly working my way through them, and they are a nice break from novels. Here are the standouts (with new, improved one sentence recaps of awesomeness)!!!!

Locke and Key:
It's by Joe Hill and concerns a house that hides keys that do things to the person turning them.

Seriously, the story line here is strong, well developed, layered and very frightening. Personally, I would not set foot in Key House if you begged me, and three kids have to live there!
Great series!

Morning Glories:
A school is testing and killing its students, all of whom were born on the same day.

This series is freaking me out. I love the cast, but the evil is still pretty hidden at this point (I have read the first collect
ion, the next one is due in Fall). Just a glimpse,
"detention" is a room that locks them in and water seeps in from the floor, until they are clinging to the ceiling trying to breathe.

Chew is kicking ass and taking names on the award scene, and it should because it rocks.

A cop who can "see" the past of any food he eats, becomes an uber-detective when he starts biting victims of crimes.

I would not recommend eating while reading this series, as poor Tony has to chomp into some gross stuff, but of all of the comics I have read lately, this one had me laughing and cheering all at the same time. There is a broad appeal to this comic, I think murder mystery people would get a kick out of it. Chew also features a small-ish cast, so it is not hard to follow.
Overall, it is quite appetizing. (Groan, I know, I had to go there).

So, fear not. There is a comic book out there for everybody. I am not going to quit reading manga, for anything, but I will read these three series until conclusion.
BTW, these are not the only comics I have read since May, they just represent the three I liked the most.