Monday, August 1, 2011

The Source of All Things: A Memoir

The Source of All Things: A Memoir
By Tracy Ross
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Source: library copy

I found about this one from Whole Living Magazine. It was really wonderful. Tracy Ross writes like she is sitting at the kitchen table with you and is just telling you her story. I could not put it down. She is so brave and I loved reading how she rescued herself from a really bad situation. It made me wish I was more connected to nature. Does drinking half the world's supply of coffee count?

Highly recommended for fans of The Glass Castle, Fierce: A Memoir, and The Girl's Guide to Homelessness.
Book clubs should be reading this right now.

I can see it having a cross over audience into YA, because most of this story takes place when Tracy was a teen.

Sometimes in books about abuse, an adult steps in to "save" the main character. Tracy's story is unique in that she saves herself and the authorities really fail her. Imagine the lives this book could improve if it got into the right hands at the right time!