Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ahh, in case you missed it, I have added  a GFC follower box to the right. As you may remember, I am kind of against these things because I don't blog to get free books (it is lovely when they show up, however), so I don't have a huge urge to prove I have followers.
I never require following when I host a giveaway (yes, I know I am way overdue for a new one).
BUT, I did read something today that kind of changed my mind about how bloggers stay in touch and how they link to one another and the truth is, if you do not blog on Blogger, you could not follow me before unless you bookmarked the site and checked in. Thank you for all of you who have done that (some of you for a long time). I hope this makes things easier! I wasn't trying to be difficult, I swear. Also, it is my great hope that the arrow above is actually pointing at the GFC box when I publish.
Plus, I promise a new giveaway soon.
No, you still will not be required to follow me. Only if you want too.....


javaintheam said...

Ha! Arrow success!