Saturday, September 17, 2011

Review: Legend by Marie Lu

By Marie Lu
Published: Nov. 29/2011
ARC from publisher
4.5 out of 5 Stars

In the Republic, children are sorted by a trial that they either pass and go on to lead productive Republican lives or fail and go to work camps.
June is the daughter of a proud Republic family. She is the best of the best, even entering high school three years early due to her perfect score in the trial. She is 15.

Day is a criminal mastermind who has brought nothing but trouble to the Republic-disrupting supplies, breaking into government facilities, and taking his spoils and giving them to the poor. This futuristic Robin Hood is also 15.
Now, things have gone horribly wrong and it's the best of the best vs the worst of the worst. June vs Day.
  I loved this book. It was like reading manga that had been converted to novel form. The action is solid, the conflict between the two solid characters is even and perfect. It reminded me very much of Death Note.
The world building is excellent, although I have never been to California, so I'm sure my imagination's version of the Republic will differ from someone who lives there now. Landmarks mentioned in the story, for example, do not mean anything to me.
  So, why not a perfect score? Well because the book is a great deal of fun but never really dips into that lower level of introspection of the situation. It does not go deep. It is a high action, fun read.
   Highly recommended for fans of The Hunger Games, Dark Life, Black Hole Sun, and manga.