Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bookworm Santa

Did you enter to win Perfect yet?

Can you believe it is snowing here in NJ, in October? This layer of white slush has put me in the mood for the holidays. Not Halloween, but the Christmas season.
I just signed up for Bookworm Santa here.
Don't you just love secret santas? I have met some really great bloggers this way, AND, as a parent, I can't always justify buying books for myself when my kids come first (which, of course, they do). This is a guilt-free way for me to share my love of books with another bookworm.
I like to stalk my santees (is that the right word?) and send a book they really want. I hope they send me the name of someone who likes crafts as well.


Anonymous said...

How cute are the graphics for that swap!

Christi said...

LOL I just signed up for this, thanks for the heads-up!